Speaking and Writing Interconnections: A Systematic Review




Connection, correlational research, experimental research, speaking, writing


Drawing on previous studies on the relationship between speaking and writing modalities, this paper provides a critical synthesis of theoretical and empirical research on the interconnections between the two versions. Along with this, this systematic review shows that research on the issue at hand has been classified under three main categories: a) speaking effect on writing; b) writing effect on speaking, and c) correlation between speaking and writing. While experimental research has emphasized the impact of speaking and writing on each other, correlational endeavors have been much concerned with the symmetrical, reciprocal, and predictive connections between these two interrelated domains. Overall, the current review suggests that learning a second or foreign language could be enhanced by complementing speaking tasks by writing ones and vice versa. In this case, speaking could be taught along with writing to allow students to transfer their skillfulness from one to the other.


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akki, F., & Larouz, M. (2021). Speaking and Writing Interconnections: A Systematic Review. Journal of Translation and Language Studies, 2(2), 19–33. https://doi.org/10.48185/jtls.v2i2.280