A Look into Literature Courses in Pre-Service Teacher Training



  • Abdu Alkadi Department of English, Ibb University, Yemen
  • Taha Hezam Taiz University , University of Bisha


English language teaching, literature, needs analysis, pre-service teachers


This paper explored the load of literature courses in the teacher-training program at the collegiate level in Yemen. It dwells on teacher candidates’ perceptions of the current status quo of literature teaching based on the learner-centered approach and humanistic curriculum. Data were elicited through an opinion poll from a sample of senior prospective teachers (n=112) who have undertaken courses in verse, fiction, and prose embedded in the program. Findings ensued from this analysis show that the participants had a wealth of difficulties that hamper achieving the objectives of embedding literature in the program, and most of such difficulties stem from teaching inadequacies in the given context. The study brings to the foreground some insightful ideas into curriculum reform. It generally informs the curriculum designers to readdress the existing program with an eye on the underestimated literature courses. It recommends that the overhaul of the existing syllabus should be fashioned to a new purpose, a new footing and a new perspective in line with the worldwide, extemporized changes in terms of curriculum development. A balanced approach to literature instruction to link the school curriculum with what is taught at the tertiary level would be a stepping-point to an improved literature teaching scenario.


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Alkadi, A., & Hezam, T. (2021). A Look into Literature Courses in Pre-Service Teacher Training. TESOL and Technology Studies, 2(2), 1–15. https://doi.org/10.48185/tts.v2i2.218