Transmedia Storytelling towards an Expanded Teaching of Reading in Distance Learning



transmedia storytelling, teaching reading, distance learning, reading tasks, reading


This study is focused on looking into the acceptance level of the teachers relative to transmedia storytelling, views on the modification of reading tasks and activities through transmedia storytelling, and integration of transmedia storytelling in reading tasks and activities. This study focuses and limits only in describing the acceptance level of language teachers as to transmedia storytelling and on knowing the teachers’ thoughts on modification of reading tasks and activities. The study used descriptive research design wherein the data were analyzed through a modified questionnaire on the level of acceptance and thematic analysis wherein responses were analyzed using open-ended questionnaire for thoughts and views on transmedia storytelling modifications and integration. The results of the study show a positive acceptance of transmedia storytelling among teachers. Furthermore, it was emphasized that transmedia storytelling is a beneficial and educational strategy for teaching reading and integration should be done through adapting and designing various media platforms. This action research presented a new reading strategy for language teachers that can be used in distance learning aimed for a contextualized and expanded teaching and learning of reading through a matrix that include selected and applicable reading texts in Grades 7-10 with transmedia storytelling media platforms.



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Guadaña, R. M. F. . (2021). Transmedia Storytelling towards an Expanded Teaching of Reading in Distance Learning. Studies in Humanities and Education, 2(2), 47–56.