Attitudes towards Online Teaching: Gender, Experience, and Age among Iranian English Language Teaching Teachers



Attitudes, Online Teaching, Gender, Experience/Age, Iranian English Language Teaching (ELT) Teachers


The field of education is currently experiencing a profound technological revolution, driven by the pervasive influence of the internet. This transformation has made the integration of technology indispensable. This research explores the nuanced influence of gender, age, and experience on the attitudes of 160 Iranian English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers toward online teaching. Central to this investigation is the 'Teachers' Attitude Towards Online Teaching' (TAtOT) questionnaire, thoughtfully adapted and validated for Iranian EFL teachers by Kianinezhad (2023). The study reveals a significant gender-based disparity, with male teachers exhibiting a more favorable perspective on online teaching. Additionally, the research establishes a negative correlation between attitudes and both experience and age, indicating that teachers tend to view online teaching less favorably as they gain more experience and age. This study underscores the critical importance of tailored training, well-designed support systems, continuous professional development, collaborative initiatives, and substantial investments in policies and infrastructure to foster a positive attitude toward technology integration among educators. In conclusion, the research not only highlights but also underscores the dynamic interplay of gender, age, and experience in shaping attitudes among Iranian EFL teachers. This understanding empowers educational institutions to develop strategies for promoting technology integration and, consequently, enhancing the quality of online education in the EFL context. Further research in this field is strongly recommended to refine and expand upon these insights, guiding evidence-based practices in teacher education and support in the future.


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Kianinezhad, N. (2023). Attitudes towards Online Teaching: Gender, Experience, and Age among Iranian English Language Teaching Teachers. TESOL and Technology Studies, 4(2), 15–26.