Environmental Consumption, Waste Recycling, and Academic Performance among Selected College Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic




Environmental Consumption, Recyling, Academic Performance, College Students, COVID-19 Pandemic


The environment is suffering so much, and yet humanity is still adamant about saving it. This study determines the awareness of environmental consumption, waste recycling, and its relationship to the academic performance of selected college students during the pandemic period of COVID-19. Using a descriptive research design, the researcher used an online survey method to collect the data for the study. With the use of the convenience sampling technique, 192 college students from a local city college responded to the online survey. As for the instrument, the study adopted and modified an existing questionnaire and subjected it to reliability and validity tests, which yielded an acceptable result. Using SPSS 22, results show that college students “often” observe different environmental consumption and waste recycling schemes in school. Their academic performance also is "good" based on their grade point average from their previous semester. Also, the study showed a low positive relationship between environmental consumption, waste recycling, and academic performance. The study concluded that college students still practice appropriate environmental consumption and waste recycling, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the results, the researcher provided some implications for the learning system.


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