Studies in Economics and Business Relations <p>Studies in Economics and Business Relations (SEBR) is a peer reviewed international journal published by Saba Publishing. The aim of the journal is to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners to share theories, views, research and results in areas of Economics, Management, Accounting, Auditing and Finance. Articles are published in English.</p> <p><strong>Editor in Chief: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Dr. Faozi A. Almaqtari</a></strong><br /><strong>ISSN (online)</strong>: <a href="">2709-670X</a><br /><strong>Frequency:</strong> Biennial</p> SABA Publishing en-US Studies in Economics and Business Relations 2709-670X The Impact of Marketing Mix on Consumers’ Buying Behavior in Supermarkets of Meerut City, India <p><em>The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of marketing mix elements on consumer buying behavior of supermarket consumers in Meerut city. Empirical evidence from 150 participants shopping at five supermarkets validates a theoretical model, indicating a significant positive relationship between marketing mix variables and consumer purchasing behavior. Factors or the marketing mix elements examined are product, price, shopping convenience, promotion, store atmosphere and personnel. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, comparing mean analysis&nbsp; (i.e. one-way ANOVA) and other analysis (correlation and multiple linear regression)&nbsp; Results reveal that personnel, promotion and price factors exerts greatest influence on&nbsp; consumer buying decision, followed by shopping convenience, store atmosphere, and product&nbsp; respectively. The finding of the study also shows that there is a significant difference between supermarkets product consumers who belongs to different age group, educational background and Income level with regard to product, shopping convenience, promotion, price and store atmosphere and personnel. These findings contribute to the literature relating to retail marketing and have marketing implications for bringing traffic into supermarkets and increasing sales. Supermarkets should set up a comfortable buying&nbsp; atmosphere, drafting more influencing and informative promotion, give up to date training to&nbsp; their employees, should consider level of competition, access to transportation, availability&nbsp; of parking, easy accessibility and long opening hours while making store location decision,&nbsp; should maintain the right pricing decision and carrying deep assortment of products lead&nbsp; them to become super specialist.</em></p> Babar Mushtaq S. A. Atif Salar Copyright (c) 2022 Studies in Economics and Business Relations 2022-02-16 2022-02-16 3 1 10.48185/sebr.v3i1.435 Contributions of Business Intelligence (BI) on Decisions Programming for Telecommunications Companies in Yemen <p><em>This study aimed at studying the contributions of the BI on decision programming. The study was performed in three telecommunication companies in Yemen, namely Sabafon, MTN and Yemen Mobile. Companies’ managers as well as IT specialists were selected to expose their views and describe the awareness of the BI and its impact on decision programming. Questionnaire and observation were the best techniques for this study to collect the accurate data. Furthermore, data was statistically analyzed using descriptive statistics tools, </em>MANOVA and Univariate ANOVA test<em>. The empirical findings reveal the role and positive impact of BI on decisions programming at the same time companies do not implement the new technologies that are appropriate for enhancing the BI. Hence it was recommended that companies should start applying machine learning and develop digital dashboards to illustrate all required data and information which cover all companies’ areas</em></p> Hamzah Al Habri Majed Al Syani Copyright (c) 2022 Studies in Economics and Business Relations 2022-01-27 2022-01-27 3 1 10.48185/sebr.v3i1.417 DETERMINANTS OF AUDIT QUALITY IN GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS <p>This study investigates the factors that impact the quality of government internal audit workpaper review. Numerous concerns have been expressed about the quality of government audits in recent years. Audit quality is much debated, but little understood; and there is little agreement, given the concept 's diversity, on how audit quality should be interpreted, let alone assessed. Audit standard vision may rely heavily on what eyes one looks. Consumers, auditors, policymakers, and other stakeholders can have somewhat different opinions about what defines audit quality, which may affect the type of metrics that can be used to assess audit quality. The presumption in international literature on culture and audit procedure is that culture influences the audit environment, and consequently the audit process outcome. The theoretical model suggested different variables in the above literature review. Several factors in various work environments affect audit results, but based on little empirical research, Yemen 's government audit service. The importance of these factors impacting audit performance of the Avi Yemeni government sector must be discussed. The goal behind quality assurance is to help ensure that audit product and services follow proven international best practices and stakeholder expectations, as opposed to criticising individual audit processes. The results of the study found that performance, legislation, training and top management had an impact on effectiveness.</p> Moatasem Mohammed Alha-Jj Qaid Qaid Meena Wadgule Maged S. D. Khaled Copyright (c) 2022 Studies in Economics and Business Relations 2022-01-27 2022-01-27 3 1 The role of job rotation in achieving administrative success in government departments in Marib Governorate <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; This study aimed to identify the role of job rotation in achieving administrative success in government departments in Marib Governorate.</p> <p>This study relied on the descriptive approach using a questionnaire consisting of 25 questions, and the analysis tool used was the Statistical Package for Social Sciences, which represents the 26th version of SPSS.</p> <p>As for the study sample, it consisted of 89 employees and administrators who were randomly selected from various government departments in Marib Governorate. The study concluded that the training process, job design and career development strategy are largely implemented in government departments in Marib Governorate, and the results showed that there is a positive, statistically significant effect of training, job design and career development strategy on achieving administrative success.</p> <p>The study found many proposals that would improve the administrative work in government institutions in the Marib Governorate.</p> hasan alhegazi Dr. S. N. Waghule Hamid Dahan Copyright (c) 2022 Studies in Economics and Business Relations 2022-03-28 2022-03-28 3 1 10.48185/sebr.v3i1.425 The spread of Misinformation on social media: An insightful countermeasure to restrict <p>The term misinformation on social media has got significant attention in public sermons over the last few decades. This research article explores the growing tendency of misinformation on social media, how it influences people and prescribes insightful measures to counter the spreading of misinformation on social media. Systematic Literature Review (SLR) was employed on the three databases; Google Scholar; Scopus, Web of Science, following keywords; "misinformation", "disinformation", and "social media". A total of 34 articles were finally found suitable for the study. This study confirmed that self-motive and election campaigns are the major causes of misinformation on social media. This study manifested that machines can detect fake news to some extent but cannot be relied upon solely. Human intervention is equally important in identifying misinformation. Moreover, an efficient conceptual model has been proposed to counter the misinformation spread on social media</p> Jamal Abdul Nasir Ansari Mohd Azhar Mohd Junaid Akhtar Copyright (c) 2022 Studies in Economics and Business Relations 2022-01-27 2022-01-27 3 1 10.48185/sebr.v3i1.401