Investigation on Iranian Translators’ Awareness of Semantic Prosody



: Semantic Prosody, Corpus Study, Translation Challenge, linguistic problem, corpora


In recent years, with the advent of technology and increasing international communication, translation became more important than before especially translation of politics, great novels, books, and news .so researchers have to determine challenging issues in translating and communication process in order to have higher quality in translation and communication. One of these challenges is semantic prosody that first introduced by Sinclair (1987) as a special tendency of words to occur in special semantic prosody. This research is based on both qualitative with search analysis design and quantitative by drafting a questioner with 56 participants from the Islamic Azad University of Isfahan (khorasgan) branch. As a result, the charts show that despite the importance of knowing semantic prosody there is still a lack of knowledge in semantic prosody among Persian translators. There should be a special dictionary for demonstrating semantic prosody of words and in the translation training, there should be more attention on translation challenges.


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Mirsaeedi, A., & Yazdani Motlagh, N. (2022). Investigation on Iranian Translators’ Awareness of Semantic Prosody. Journal of Translation and Language Studies, 3(1), 62–76.