Investigation of a Class of Implicit Anti-Periodic Boundary Value Problems



Anti-periodic boundary value problem, Fixed point theorem, Stability results


This research is devoted to studying a class of implicit fractional order differential equations ($\mathrm{FODEs}$) under anti-periodic boundary conditions ($\mathrm{APBCs}$). With the help of classical fixed point theory due to $\mathrm{Schauder}$ and $\mathrm{Banach}$, we derive some adequate results about the existence of at least one solution. Moreover, this manuscript discusses the concept of stability results including Ulam-Hyers (HU) stability, generalized Hyers-Ulam (GHU) stability, Hyers-Ulam Rassias (HUR) stability, and generalized Hyers-Ulam- Rassias (GHUR)stability. Finally, we give three examples to illustrate our results.


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