Smart Intelligence Mirror System



Face recognition, attendance, image processing, IoT, Smart mirror, smart education


Pakistan is a developing country and there is a need to focus on educational climate/quality to makeover future residents talented and up-to-date. As this is a period of quick innovation and students are more able to learn innovation through creative learning strategies. Teachers additionally need something other than what's expected for students to inspire them. Smart things pull in students and students will propel to see the innovation and consider accomplishing something other than what's expected. Our administration likewise working in the educational areas to make it more astute. The utilization of IoT helps us in creating shrewd homerooms for improving the instruction quality. Participation is a significant factor influencing the exhibition of the student. Keeping this factor alive our venture will attempt to lessen the intricacy of the manual participation framework. Moreover, the speaker can likewise see the examination of the participation of entire class participation also as can see the participation logical of specific students in his/her subject. Student's parents can likewise get reports of the students and in the know regarding his/her activities. This task will help the teacher for arranging scholarly procedures by keeping the principal significance of participation in training. The framework depends on Raspberry Pi that runs Raspbian (Linux) Operating System introduced on a micro SD card. The Camera, just as LCD, is associated with the Raspberry Pi. By confronting the camera, the camera will catch the picture at that point pass it to the Raspberry Pi, which is modified to deal with the face acknowledgment by utilizing the OpenCV library. On the off chance that the student's info picture matches with the prepared dataset picture, the participation results will be put away in the document. In this undertaking, we are utilizing Artificial Intelligence. In man-made brainpower, we utilized Convolution neural organization.


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