Evaluation the Effect of Microwave Radiation on Gram Positive and Negative Bacteria



  • Esam Yahya USM
  • Ali M Almashgab Al Asmarya Islamic University, Zliten, Libya,
  • Muhanad Abdullah Abdulsamad Faculty of Science, Sabratha University, Sabratha, Libya
  • Abdulmutalib Alabeed Allaq Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Amaal Mohammed Alqadhi Al Mergib University, Al Khums, Libya
  • Fatima M Garatem Al Asmarya Islamic University, Zliten, Libya
  • Sara S Aljundi Al Asmarya Islamic University, Zliten, Libya


Microwave radiation, Thermal Effects, Non-Thermal Effects, Mutagen, bacterial variability


Using microwave oven nowadays has become necessary due to the need for speed in our daily activities. It is widely used in hating, thawing, and even cooking of food. It has been also used in sterilization and decontamination of food from microorganisms. This study aimed to evaluate thermal and non-thermal effect of a regular house holding microwave oven on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Bacterial suspension is exposed to microwave radiations in different strength and durations and compared to unexposed cultures. During microwave treatment, non-thermal effect is evaluated by putting the suspension crushed ice. The results indicate that the viability of both gram positive and negative was highly reduced with thermal effect of microwave radiations, leading to complete inactivation at three minutes. Non-thermal microwave radiations were also able to cause change in the microbial viability of both tested organisms on at least two-exposure occasion. The evaluation of antibiotic susceptibility before and after microwave radiations treatment indicate that antibiotic resistance was highly increased to tested antibiotics specially after three-minute exposure, except for Staphylococcus aureus to Amoxicillin, which became more sensitive. Microwave radiations reported to have a strong activity in eliminating the number of microbes but, it may have an important role in development of antibiotic resistance that should not be ignored.


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2021-02-02 — Updated on 2021-04-30

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Yahya, E., Almashgab, A. M. ., Abdulsamad, M. A. ., Allaq, A. A. ., Alqadhi, A. M. ., Garatem, F. M. ., & Aljundi, S. S. . (2021). Evaluation the Effect of Microwave Radiation on Gram Positive and Negative Bacteria . Journal of Chemistry and Nutritional Biochemistry, 2(1), 39–45. https://doi.org/10.48185/jcnb.v1i1.136