About the Journal

“Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Energy and Development" (ISSED) is poised to emerge as a leading platform for showcasing groundbreaking research at the nexus of intelligent systems, energy, and sustainable development. This journal is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and inspiring innovative solutions that address the challenges of integrating advanced technology with sustainable practices.

Our vision for ISSED is to create a dynamic forum that brings together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from diverse fields, including artificial intelligence, renewable energy, environmental science, and socio-economic policy. The journal will focus on crucial topics such as the deployment of AI in energy systems, development of smart grids, sustainable urban planning, and the impact of intelligent transportation systems on reducing carbon emissions.

ISSED, as a flagship publication of Université Privée de Fes, will offer a comprehensive mix of original research articles, review papers, case studies, and editorials, all subjected to a rigorous peer-review process to maintain academic integrity and quality. By providing this high-standard platform, we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable practices and technologies on a global scale.

In addition to its scholarly contributions, ISSED will act as a hub of innovation and inspiration. Regular special issues will highlight emerging trends and regional studies, while sponsored conferences and workshops will offer networking and real-world impact opportunities. Our commitment to inclusivity and global accessibility is underscored by adopting an open access model, ensuring that knowledge disseminated through ISSED reaches the widest possible audience.

Overall, ISSED is not just about publishing articles; it's about creating a movement towards a more sustainable future, leveraging the power of intelligent systems to address some of the most pressing environmental and energy-related challenges of our time.